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Category: Projects

PASKH Recordings

PASKH Digital

PASKH Recordings is an independent record label, founded by GNAR0, in 2017. This label focuses mainly on genres of the EDM scene, such as the Big room…

F7CK4RV Network

F7CK4RV Network

F7CK4RV was an entertainment site on Facebook dedicated to sharing music videos from main record labels and artists on the electronic music scene. Created on…

This is Next Level Of Hardstyle

Next Level Of Hardstyle

Next Level Of Hardstyle is a hardstyle music podcast created by GNAR0. Presenting the latest releases of the sub-genres Hardstyle, Hardcore and Freestyle. FOUNDATION: January, 2019 FOUNDER: GNAR0 GENRE(S): Hard Dance (All)…